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This article offers a large list of books about investing and personal finance, divided into four sections: books for beginners, books for experienced investors, books for professional traders and speculators, and finally books that I call war stories - insider's tales about the world of finance. The lists are sorted by the author's last name within each section.

You can buy books right from here! Right now! Send a gift to someone who has one of these books on their wish list! But enough hype. I've enrolled as an associate, so if you buy any of the books that are listed here from by using the links on this page, I get a small referral fee. I've tried to find paperback (i.e., cheap) editions of all the books for these links, but please let me know if I missed one.

The best thing about the Amazon site is that each book listing includes capsule summaries and reviews contributed by readers, so you might want to click on the links to check out each book.

Some of these books are out of print. Don't let that stop you, because you can usually buy a used copy at Amazon pretty easily.

Featured Author for Beginners: Eric Tyson

Here are three books by Eric Tyson that are part of the "..for
Dummies" series. Readers praise his writing for its practical advice, objectivity, and gentle humor. These books offer a great way to start learning about personal finance and investing. Amazon sells these titles for about $20 each including the shipping charges.

Books for beginning investors

These books concentrate on personal finance, budgeting, and also offer some introductory material on basic investment strategies.

Amazon Recommends

Books for intermediate investors

These books assume you're comfortable with the basics of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and other securities. They offer many investment strategies: what to buy, what to sell, and when to do so.

Books for expert investors, especially concerning technical analysis

These books are aimed at people who have a solid understanding of finance and/or trade for a living. There are quite a few on technical analysis for the "chartists" out there.

Analysis, commentary, and war stories about investments

These books offer analysis, commentary, and war stories from finance insiders about the trading and investment world. They probably won't help you pick stocks, but they're fun to read if you're interested in finance and markets. If you can't find what you're looking for on Amazon.Com, you might check out The Trader's Library of Columbia, MD. They maintain a web site that has over 600 investment titles.

Those who are just learning about the stock market may wish to have a look at the article in the FAQ with advice for beginners.

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