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This article introduces several investment associations.

American Association of Individual Investors
625 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611-3110
+1 312-280-0170

A summary from their brochure: AAII believes that individuals would do better if they invest in "shadow" stocks which are not followed by institutional investor and avoid affects of program trading. They admit that most of their members are experienced investors with substantial amounts to invest, but they do have programs for newer investors also. Basically, they don't manage the member's money,

they just provide information.

They offer the AAII Journal 10 times a year, Individual Investor's guide to No-Load Mutual Funds annually, local chapter membership (about 50 chapters), a year-end tax strategy guide, investment seminars and study programs at extra cost (reduced for members), and a computer user' newsletter for an extra fee.

National Association of Investors Corp.
P. O. Box 220
Royal Oak, MI 48068
Tel +1 810 583-NAIC, Fax +1 810 583-4880

The NAIC is a nonprofit organization operated by and for the benefit of member clubs. The Association has been in existence since the 1950's and states that it has over 633,000 members.

A paid membership provides the member with a monthly magazine, details of your membership and information on how to start a investment club, how to analyze stocks, and how to keep records.

NAIC also offers software for fundamental analysis, discounts on investing books, research information on member companies, and other educational manuals and videotapes. A network of over 75 Regional Councils across the US provide local assistance.

In addition to the information provided, NAIC operates "Low-Cost Investment Plan", which allows members to invest in participating companies such as AT&T, Kellogg, Wendy's, Mobil and Quaker Oats. Most don't incur a commission although some have a nominal fee.

Investors Alliance
The Investors Alliance, Inc.
219 Commerical Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308-4440
Tel 888-683-1181

Investors Alliance was formed to enhance the investing skills of independent investors through research, education, and training. They claim membership of over 65,000 investors in 22 countries.

Basic membership includes twelve monthly issues of the Investors Alliance Investor Journal, an educational newsletter packed with valuable insights to maximize your investment success. Computer Membership includes a copy of Power Investor for Windows on CD-ROM and free updates of the entire 16,000 security database. New members at either level receive a free voucher for two zero-commission stock trades from a leading discount broker.

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