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Last-Revised: 10 Aug 1997
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The Value Line Investment Survey is the grand-daddy of published information about stocks of large companies (primarily U.S. companies plus a few leading ADRs). It is a weekly, three-part publication, but it takes 3 months to cycle through the full list of stocks covered.

The main document reviews one firm per page (over 100 per week), with a description of the business, a chart showing the historical stock performance, tables showing key financial data, plus a written commentary about the prospects of the firm. They cover over 1700 stocks in their normal edition, and over 5,000 in extended coverage offered at higher prices. The weekly document also includes short notes on important developments in covered stocks. A separate booklet updates summary ratings and fundamental information on all of the 1700 stocks each week. A third document highlights a stock of the week and gives Value Line's views of the market.

They also have an online service that duplicates the data in the hard copy edition and offers the ability to search and compare stocks automatically. Several recent reviews have critiqued the way the program works - but not the quality nor quantity of the renowned Value Line data base.

Value Line proudly advertises their rating system. They divide stocks into 5 classes (1 is best). Over the years, their #1 rated stocks have significantly outperformed the markets (and each other group, its subordinates, as well). Value Line has been highly regarded for the both the quality and quantity of its data for decades. Almost the Lingua Franca of investors, you'll find a well-thumbed copy in most broker's offices, as well as many public and university libraries.

Value Line offers a special, 10-week trial subscription.

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