Subject: Regulation - SEC Registered Advisory Service

Last-revised: 9 Jan 1996
Contributed-By: Paul Maffia (paulmaf at

Some advisers will advertise with the information that they are an S.E.C. Registered Advisory Service. This does not mean a damn thing except that they have obeyed the law and registered as the law requires. All it takes is filling out a long form, $150 and no convictions for financial fraud.

If they attempt to imply anything in their ads other than the fact they are registered, they are violating the law. Basically, this means that they can inform you that they are registered in a none-too-prominent way. If the information is conveyed in any other way, such as being very prominent, or using words that convey any meaning other than the simple fact of registration; or implying any special expertise; or implying special approval, etc., they are violating the law and can easily be fined and as well as lose their registration.

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