Subject: Software - Archive of Free Investment-Related Programs

Last-Revised: 20 Aug 1996
Contributed-By: Chris Lott (contact me)

This article lists two archives of investment-related programs. Most of these programs are distributed in source-code form, but some include binaries. Anyhow, if all that is available is source, then before you can run them on your PC at home you will need a C compiler to create executable versions.

Ed Savage maintains an archive of programs which are available here:

The compiler of this FAQ maintains an archive of programs (both source code and PC binaries) for a number of investment-related programs. The programs include:

  • 401-calc: compute value of a 401(k) plan over time
  • commis: compute commisions for trades at selected discount brokers
  • fv: compute future value
  • irr: compute rate of return of a portfolio
  • loan: calculate loan amortization schedule
  • prepay: analyze prepayments of a mortgage loan
  • pv: calculate present value
  • returns: analyze total return of a mutual fund
  • roi: compute return on investment for mutual funds

These programs are available from The Investment FAQ web site at URL

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