Subject: Technical Analysis - Data Sources

Last-Revised: 18 May 2002
Contributed-By: Zeyu Vicki Pei, Chris Lott (contact me)

This article lists some sources of historical data. Note that currencies are traded over-the-counter, there are no central exchanges or market makers. Thus, currency closing prices are really just noisy, "best guesses" collected from a number of different exchanges and transactions.

  • Yahoo has a fair amount of data, both for individual issues and for indexes. To use it, open a quote page and look in the left column for "Historical Prices". Unfortunately this seems to mean that you can only get historical data for issues trading today. For information about what they provide, surf here:

  • Investors Alliance
    219 Commercial Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308, 305-491-5100,

  • Micro Data
    Offers closing prices on stocks, futures, indexes, mutual funds, and money market funds in zipped ascii files, all for just $200 per year.

  • Bull & Bear of Italy offers historical data and end-of-date updates for markets in Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Finland, USA, Japan, Australia, and Singapore. Annual subscription is Euro400. Please visit their site at

  • Ed Savage (contact egsavage at maintains a collection of data. Stated purpose: "To collect publicly available market data in one place so people can access it easily." Donate "freely redistributable" data or access same at this URL: It is NOT a real-time, 15-min delay, or close-of-day quote server.

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