Subject: Trivia - Presidential Portraits on U.S. Notes

Last-Revised: 19 Apr 2006
Contributed-By: Paul A. Rydelek, Chris Lott (contact me)

Just in case you were curious, here is a list of the presidential portraits and other decoration on U.S. currency and Treasury instruments.

U.S. Currency
DenominationPortraitEmbellishment on back
$1George WashingtonGreat Seal of U.S.
$2Thomas JeffersonSigners of the Declaration
$5Abraham LincolnLincoln Memorial
$10Alexander HamiltonU.S. Treasury
$20Andrew JacksonWhite House
$50Ulysses S. GrantU.S. Capitol
$100Benjamin FranklinIndependence Hall
$500William McKinleyOrnate denominational marking
$1,000Grover ClevelandOrnate denominational marking
$5,000James MadisonOrnate denominational marking
$10,000Salmon P. ChaseOrnate denominational marking
$100,000Woodrow WilsonOrnate denominational marking

U.S. Treasury Instruments
DenominationSavings BondTreas. BillsTreas. BondsTreas. Notes
$50Washington Jefferson
$100Jefferson Jackson
$500Hamilton Washington
$1,000Franklin H. McCulloch Lincoln Lincoln
$5,000Revere J.G. CarlisieMonroe Monroe
$10,000J. Wilson J. Sherman Cleveland Cleveland
$50,000 C. Glass
$100,000 A. Gallatin Grant Grant
$1,000,000 O. Wolcott T. RooseveltT. Roosevelt
$100,000,000 McKinley

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