Subject: Trivia - One-Letter Ticker Symbols on NYSE

Last-Revised: 18 Mar 2008
Contributed-By: Art Kamlet (artkamlet at, Doug Gerlach (gerlach at

Some of the largest companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange have 1-letter ticker symbols, and some relatively unknowns do also. Not all of the one-letter symbols are obvious, nor does a one-letter symbol mean the stock is a blue chip, a US corporation, or even well known.

Originally when the symbol had to be written down on transaction slips, it was faster to write down the real big companies, like T (Telephone), F (Ford), K (Kellogg), G (once Gillette), X (Steel), and Z (once Woolworth). But later just anyone it seems was able to get 1-letter symbols. Yet when Chrysler (C) was absorbed by Daimler to become DCX, note that Citicorp (which had just merged Citibank with Travelers) jumped to claim the C for themselves.

This page shows all of the one-letter ticker symbols listed on the NYSE. Since the US exchanges avoid overlaps, this means that only the NYSE uses one-letter ticker symbols. This list was current as of the last-revised date (above), but due to changes it may be out of date by the time you read it.

In the following list, the ticker links will take you to the appropriate page at Yahoo! Finance with a current quote and price chart.

A Agilent Technologies Inc. (formerly Astra AB)
B Barnes Group Inc.
C Citigroup Inc. (formerly Chrysler)
D Dominion Resources Inc.
E Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi SpA (ADR)
F Ford Motor Company
G None (formerly Gillette)
H Realogy Corporation
I None (formerly First Interstate Bancorp), but see below
J None (formerly Jackpot Enterprises)
K Kellogg Co.
L None (formerly Liberty Media)
M None (formerly M-Corp), but see below
N None (formerly Inco)
O Realty Income Corp
P None (formerly Phillips Petroleum)
Q Qwest Communications International Inc.
R Ryder System Inc.
S Sprint Nextel Corp (formerly Sears, Roebuck & Company)
T AT&T Inc, from merger of SBC and old ATT
U None (formerly US Airways)
V Visa Inc. (formerly Vivendi Universal)
W None (formerly Westvaco)
X United States Steel
Y Alleghany Corp.
Z None (formerly Woolworth)

The Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange has publicly said that he is holding the symbols "M" and "I" for two companies he hopes to convince to switch from Nasdaq to the NYSE -- Microsoft and Intel.

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