Investment-related software

The collection of investment-related programs that is mentioned in one of the FAQ articles is available from this page. The following packages are included:
  • 401-calc: compute value of a 401(k) plan over time
  • fv: compute future value
  • irr: compute rate of return of a portfolio
  • loan: calculate loan amortization schedule
  • pmp: personal mortgage planner
  • prepay: analyze prepayments of a mortgage loan
  • pv: calculate present value
  • returns: analyze total return of a mutual fund
  • roi: compute return on investment for mutual funds
  • ror: calculate rates of return

The programs are written in C, and are all more-or-less dependent on UNIX libraries. If you would like to compile the files yourself, you will need a C compiler (Unix and linux users are probably in great shape, PC users may need a bit of assistance).

Many thanks to Stuart Bryant (sp9709 "at" for providing the PC binaries that you can download here. Download one of the two archives depending on whether you want the source code:

  • PC binaries, documentation, and source code in a gzip'ed tar file (about 228K).
  • PC binaries and documentation (no source) in a zip archive (about 222K).
Please note that these are all command-line programs. That means you have to open a window and type the program's name in order to run the program. The programs do not open windows on their own.